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For original content on developing self-acceptance, easing self-sabotage and psychological EFT

Andy Hunt is a thinker. I subscribe to quite a few EFT newsletters and value them all. Andy offers more in the way of thoughtful, engaging new tapping processes than just about anybody else I can think of. I’m a fan. Virginia Wagner

The Practical Wellbeing Newsletter is a monthly email newsletter that covers issues around self-acceptance, self-sabotage and psychological EFT.

This newsletter is for you if you are suspicious of miracle cures and pat answers. If you are looking for a quick fix, this would be the wrong place to look.

My experience is that personal change happens over time and usually takes some effort. This newsletter is for you if you are willing to engage with your own experience and try things out.

I like the fact that you come across as very human and you avoid jargon and intellectualising things.  I am not a ‘theory’ type of person I don’t need to know how it works only that is does.  You always give me food for thought with the creative way you bring EFT in to every day life.

It’s always down to earth and well written with lots of humour.  You never come across as pushy or arrogant

I have recommended it to lots of my EFT clients and students. I say its practical, extremely well written and it always makes me smile. To be honest for me its definitely the best blog / newsletter I get and I always take time to read it.

Lynn Marshall - Registered Mental Health Nurse (RMN)

What does the newsletter have to offer?

  • Original content Each edition contains an original article that I have written. My work is personal and influenced by my experience with EFT, NLP, psychological approaches, meditation and a Buddhist perspective (don’t be alarmed Buddhists don’t usually proselytise).
  • Reflections on self-development The first edition of the month usually contains a reflective article on the processes of self-help, self-development or therapeutic practice from my personal position.
  • Psychological EFT The second edition of the month usually consists of an EFT technique I’ve been developing. I spend a lot of time creating new ways of working with EFT or enhancing existing methods. Readers are usually the first people to see public descriptions of these techniques.
  • Relevant content from the web I often include links to content from the web that I feel will be helpful. This may include music videos about the neuroscience of fear (!), guided meditations, articles of interest, quotes, poems and other resources.

The newsletter is free of charge and comes out roughly once a month.

If you are not sure and would like to see a few examples of the newsletter click on the links to read the February 2017 or the July 2017 editions.

Your email information will stay private and will not be used for any other purpose.

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