Newcastle EFT Tapping Group – January 5th

This coming Monday, January 5th, is the first meeting of the EFT Tapping Group a practice group where you can develop your use of EFT and feel better for it.

  • Guidance and instruction about what to do: There’ll be an experienced EFT Practitioner and Trainer on hand to answer any questions and give you guidance to get the best out of the technique.
  • Work in a group setting: The support and encouragement of other people makes using EFT much easier.
  • Get more confident in the techniques: The more you practice the more confident you will get (and the better you will feel). There’s no substitute for practice.
  • Feel better by using EFT: Using EFT intensively for a couple of hours you will just feel better, more relaxed and at ease. EFT is good for you. Attending group practice is a great way to learn a lot and feel better doing it.
  • Help someone else realise the benefits of EFT: The people you work with in these sessions will feel the benefit of your working with them. It’s a great way to do something good for somebody.

If this sounds appealing then join the Tapping Group where you can work with like minded people under supervision. You can find out more about it here.

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