New introductory EFT video

Gary Craig has produced a new introductory video to EFT. It’s a stylish introduction to a tiny proportion of the possibilities of this approach.

If you can’t see it on this page, then visit You Tube to watch the video.


After I posted this, I received an email newsletter from Steve Wells and David Lake at EFT Down Under. He compliments the video and then makes an excellent point that I didn’t make

Whilst the video is impressive I feel it is important to insert a cautionary note here, particularly when using EFT for physical issues and diseases. We’ve seen too many people in our workshops who thought they could just “tap away” their physical symptoms without even knowing what they were really dealing with. Some, with our prompting, reluctantly sought a medical diagnosis and found to their surprise that they had something that could be easily corrected medically; others found the physical pain was coming from a larger challenge than they first suspected. Yes, use tapping but please please please also ensure that you obtain a good diagnosis so that you know what you are dealing with. And don’t ever be closed to the life-saving aspects of appropriate well-managed medical intervention by caring, well-trained professionals. Yes, they do exist, and some of them may just save your life.

Excellent advice. EFT Down Under is an excellent source of articles, with a particular Auzzie take on EFT, and their free newsletter is entertaining and useful.

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