Myths about trauma

Bill O’Hanlon therapist, trainer and prolific author has started a series of YouTube videos about recovery from trauma and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). These videos have been prompted by the return of traumatised US soldiers from Iraq although the principles will fit for other traumatic experiences.

The first in the series challenges four common myths and misconceptions about trauma and PTSD

  1. Everyone who has a severe trauma develops PTSD.
  2. If you develop PTSD you have to have therapy to get over it.
  3. You’ll never get over PTSD once you develop it.
  4. The only effects of trauma are negative.

You can find out more about his approach to trauma at

I’ve been lucky enough to attend some of Bill O’Hanlon’s trainings in the UK and I highly recommend him as someone who knows his stuff and walks his talk. I’m looking forward to other videos in this series.

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