Moving Through Resistance

Another stimulating post from Bill O’Hanlon’s Possibilities Newsletter about a subject I’m all to familiar with: resistance.

Resistance’s tactics
Resistance will show up when you find something that your heart or soul calls you to do. It will do its utmost to stop you from realizing your heart’s desire. The closer you get to the goal, the more resistance will put barriers in your way.

The more afraid you are, the more likely it is this is what you are supposed to do
If you have a deep sense this is what you are supposed to be doing or accomplishing and you are deeply scared of doing it or accomplishing it, that is probably a message that you have found your heart’s and soul’s desire and your destiny. Basically, the truth shall set you free, and first it may scare the hell out of you.

Self-doubt and self-sabotage will often show up as well
Your little mind (what they call your “monkey mind” in the East), will usually come up with all the best reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t do this thing or pursue it. If this is the case and your heart and soul know the truth, don’t believe a thing you are thinking in this regard.

One of resistance’s most effective tools is to convince you not to do anything toward your goal or project.

Another of resistance’s most effective tools is to distract you so you forget about or go away from your goal or project.

Antidotes: How to move through resistance
The most powerful way to defeat resistance is to take constant and consistent actions toward accomplishing your task and completing your project.

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