Miracle cure or inner gardening?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could use a technique like a magic wand, do a ‘Harry Potter’ on our woes and banish them for good with a simple spell? Unfortunately life isn’t often like that, sometimes is just one thing after another. Even Harry Potter has a long series of adventures and challenges to take care of.

At times EFT can have spectacular results, relieving a deep trauma in less than an hour, or removing a phobia in just a few minutes, such changes can be transforming. More often though, changing your life for the better requires a more sustained effort. When Gulliver was washed up on Lilliput he woke up on the beach finding himself immobilised, not by one huge rope, but by hundreds of thin threads. Even though the Lilliputian ropes where like threads to him, in combination they held him fast.

Many of our difficulties are like this, interwoven threads that bind us, Using EFT we can begin to part those threads, each time giving us a bit more room to manoeuvre. For this slow and steady work EFT is much more like gardening than a magic wand.

A lot of the articles on this site are the result of my inner gardening, there’s been a lot of magic along the way, a great deal of of digging and quite a bit of sh … (ahem) … manure to shovel! This gardening metaphor is more apt than I thought

I hope the articles in this blog give you some ideas of how to apply EFT for yourself on a regular basis to become happier and more contented. As a free bonus, if you are happier and contented the chances are the people around you will be too.

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