Mindfulness and pain

Last week one of my clients had expressed an interest in mindfulness meditation for pain relief. She was looking for some general information. I offered to lend her my copy of Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat Zinn which is one of the earliest and most comprehensive books on the subject

Since I have quite an interest in this topic I did some searching on the internet for her and came up with this simple introduction to the subject from National Public Radio: Meditation a Hit for Pain Management

For a more in depth look at the field of mindfulness the excellent All In The Mind from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation had a 30 minute program devoted to ‘Dr Mindfulness’

If you are particularly interested in mindfulness in pain relief work you might like to listen to this podcast from the West of Scotland Pain Group (no, it’s not a masochism organisation) but a group of doctors based in the West of Scotland that sponsor talks of interest, record them and post them onto the internet for the benefit of their far flung colleagues. This particular talk takes a while to get going and includes a lot of uhms and errs but the content is interesting.

2 thoughts on “Mindfulness and pain”

    • Thanks Sandra.

      I think I would expand your definition of mindfulness slightly. In my mind at least, mindfulness is sustained attention and awareness on the present moment.

      Whatever it is it is certainly very useful 🙂


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