Mid-Course Corrections: Re-finding Passion and Purpose in Mid-Life

This guest article is courtesy of Bill O’Hanlon, one of the founders of Solution Oriented Brief Therapy, a prolific author, and a very nice guy.

‘Mid-life crisis is no different from adolescence except that your face doesn’t break out and you have more money.’ Howell Raines, author of Fly Fishing Through Midlife CrisisMid-life is a time to:

  • Check in with yourself and make course corrections if necessary
  • Stop living your life from other people’s or society’s agendas or standards and begin living with integrity and from your own heart and soul; telling yourself the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth
  • Find renewal by connecting with your vital energy and values What is truly important?; How do you really want to spend your time and the life you have left?
  • Find deep acceptance (of yourself, of life, of others) Stop hoping or wishing that you would be different or better than you are; face the truth of who you are; stop trying to fix yourself
  • Make deep changes Finally challenge and change life-long unworkable and unhelpful patterns (of relating to yourself, others and the world)
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