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If you’ve never experienced EFT it sounds far too silly to have any effect so I’ve been searching around on Google Video and You Tube for examples of EFT. I found a few, some of them I thought looked too silly!

Treating a Height Phobia with Energy Psychology

12 min 49 sec – 02-Nov-2006
This one on Google Video is a demonstration of an EFT-like procedure by David Feinstein working with a woman who has a fear of heights. One of the nice things about this video is that it was filmed in an hotel room with a balcony on the fourth floor so there’s a great opportunity to test the results of the session. It’s clear to see that there is quite a difference in the before and after shots.

The process used is similar to EFT but a little more involved. I think plain EFT would get identical results.

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