Medical NLP

NLP is a skill set that is used in all sorts of fields from education, training, management, sales and medicine to name but a few. When learning about NLP for the first time people often wonder how do I apply these approaches in my line of work.

There are quite a few medical practitioners using NLP in their daily work. In this talk to the West of Scotland Pain Group Jonathan Bannister (anaesthetist) and Garner Thompson (trainer) discuss the application of simple NLP principles in a medical context. If you are in this line of work yourself you might like to listen into this discussion of NLP in action.

If you are a complete newcomer to NLP you might want to check out our three day Introduction to NLP that IntegrityNLP will be running later this year in Newcastle. If you would like to attend an NLP Practitioner training then we are starting our next on in September this year (I know that sounds like a long time away, but the earlier you book the less it costs).

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