5 FREE Talks – Saturday July 28th, 10:00am – 3:00pm.

The Jesmond Therapy Centre, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne


A series of five free talks about different ways to improve your life from therapists working at the Jesmond Therapy Centre. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page to book your place)

10:00 am – 5 Ways To Change Your Life With EFT – Andy Hunt

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a simple self-help process that dramatically reduces the negative stressful emotions in your life. In this informal talk Andy will explain how EFT can help you: take the pain out of stressful situations, free you from painful memories, lessen anxiety about future events, improve your relationships and change limiting beliefs and other blocks to your progress.

Andy Hunt    –    Phone: 0754 700 9116    Email:     Website:

11:00 am – Deep Bodywork Massage (Raynor Technique) – Hazel Maines

Ever wondered what deep tissue massage would be like and decided you would prefer to watch and learn before you try? Come along to watch a practical demonstration of a deep body work treatment. The technique is a blend of deep tissue massage, accupressure, reflexology and some Swedish massage strokes. See how the therapist works with the client’s breathing to allow release of deep muscular tension within a tolerable intensity. This technique is suitable for those suffering from the many side effects of muscular tension including aches and pains, stress, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, some digestive problems and many more.

Hazel Maines    –    Phone: 07927115423        Website:

12:00 am – Couple Counselling – Graeme Armstrong

Introducing couple counseling, a process where the counselor can help partners find a way to understand the roots of their problems, cope with them better and move forwards.

“As a couple counsellor I work with relationships or marriages that are at a crossroads, relationships that are struggling after the impact of an affair or the loss of sexual feelings. There could be a host of individual issues that you are experiencing that also affect your relationship: bereavement, redundancy, “empty nest syndrome”, anxiety or depression. You might be divorced and wondering how best to handle the parental relationship. Do you feel threatened in your relationship and want to explore what’s happening? are you struggling with stepfamily issues? Wondering how or when to introduce your children to your new partner and their children?”

Graeme Armstrong    –    Phone:  07885 640 490   Website:

01:00 pm – Four Simple Ways To Feel Better – Andy Hunt

In this talk Andy Hunt will introduce four straightforward ways in which you can move away from unhelpful thoughts and states of mind into something more useful. You will learn how to become more centred, disconnect from unhelpful thought patterns, shifting your mood by using whatever is in your environment and asking the right kinds of questions to focus on what is useful.

Andy Hunt    –    Phone: 0754 700 9116    Email:     Website:

02:00 pm – Orthopaedic Remedial Massage – Will McBride

Will McBride will explain the many benefits of Remedial massage and how it differs from other massage. There will be a demo of massage plus other techniques to improve pain free movement.

Will McBride    –    Phone: 07925 452531       Email:



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