Invitation to ChangeCamp 2009

I’d like to invite you to a rather unorthodox un-conference called ChangeCamp 2009 that I am organising for Saturday 27th June in Gosforth High School in Newcastle.

ChangeCamp 2009 is designed as a low cost conference event for practitioners of NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy, Solution Focussed Brief Therapy and coaching, and for members of the public who may be interested in such things.

The themes for ChangeCamp are:

1. Changing yourself: Using psychological techniques to change our own experience of the world.

2. Changing others: Using psychological techniques in therapeutic or educational contexts.

3. Changing groups: Making groups and organisations more effective through psychological means.

Please not the emphasis on psychological applications. We will be restricting the presentations to a psychological orientation there wont be any presentations on crystal healing or aromatherapy. Our aim is to have a high quality content event that will appeal to professionals and public alike rather than a mind-body-spirit fare (of which there are many).

In a conventional conference attendees pay a large sum of money to sit and listen to acknowledged experts (who are paid an even larger sum) to tell them about the latest findings or how to do things.

In an un-conference that is put to one side, people who are interested in a subject and want to present about it make presentations to other people who are interested. The presentations may be talks, workshops, exercises, question and answer sessions, brainstorming sessions – what ever format best suits the issue in question. Audience participation is strongly encouraged. The event is organised to encourage an informality and cross fertilisation of ideas.

ChangeCamp is arranged to bring together a large number of participants from a variety of fields so they can be exposed to other ways of working and thinking. It’s set up to stimulate discussion.

To encourage high attendance the entry fee is set at £10 which is just enough to cover costs.

If you would like to attend just go to and sign on to the website. If you would like to present in some way you can either email me with an idea.

I look forward to meeting with some of you in June.

View my page on ChangeCamp 2009

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