Introduction to Hypnosis in Newcastle

My good friend, and colleague at IntegrityNLP, Nigel Hetherington is running an introduction to hypnosis weekend at the beginning of December here in Newcastle.

This workshop will concentrate on how to use hypnosis for beneficial change work and entering states of relaxation for the purposes of meditation, healing, deep relaxation and stress elimination.

The workshop will run over two days where day one concentrates on the fundamental skills and day two really puts these skills to practical uses.

The two days will be about doing hypnosis so this means the days will mostly consist of practical exercises with short feedback sessions.

Participants will receive a comprehensive set of course notes. This hypnosis workshop take place in Newcastle upon Tyne in early December – just in time to put your new skills into practice over the holiday period!

This introduction is not about stage hypnosis. You wont be able to use this to make someone act like a chicken! However you will learn how to use your other than concious mind for relaxation, stress relief and much more.

Nigel is an excellent trainer and I think you can be guaranteed a very relaxing and rewarding weekend. I think it would make a very pleasant alternative to Christmas shopping.

You can find out more on the Communicating Excellence website.

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