Imagineering – EFT for Physical Issues

My good friend Liz Kirsopp appeared in The EFT Imagineering Technique demonstrating the power of EFT combined with the unconscious mind to get to the emotional components of a physical problem.

If you read the article you will see that a chronic jaw problem was relieved when a childhood near drowning memory was uncovered and resolved using a standard EFT approach. The jaw problem is now greatly relieved.

The process reminds me of the film The Incredible Voyage where a submarine is miniaturised and injected into a persons blood stream to perform delicate surgery. Rather than going to the trouble of bending the laws of physics to create a physical submarine, this process uses imagination and metaphor to let you ‘travel inside’ to the site of the problem and use the information to guide the EFT process.

If you are used to flights of fancy and daydreaming you can probably use this approach for yourself. If you are of a logical disposition you may need to be assisted by a practitioner who can coax you into a metaphorical frame of mind. Of course you need to know how to use EFT to deal with whatever you find.

Liz and I are presenting a series of EFT trainings for professionals in September.

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