Hurricanes are a Good Time to Meditate

By Lance Winslow

Andy: this has to be the most unexpected piece of meditation advice I’ve ever seen. I suppose it makes sense and if you can meditate through a hurricane you can meditate anywhere. If someone out there does meditate through hurricanes it would be interesting to hear from you

One-way to relieve stress during large catastrophic hurricanes during the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season is to meditate. If you are new to meditation this will be the perfect time for you to try it out because all the lights will be off for three to four weeks and you’ll have only food and water to think about.

Consider this a crash course in meditation. To make sure you meditate correctly you should go by a book on meditation at your local bookstore or perhaps go to the local Library and check out a book on the subject just before the storm hits. And of course you will not be fined for not returning the library book on time, because the City Library will be closed. Just think you’ll be able to memorize that book and learn how to meditate, by the time the powers turned back on.

Meditation can be a very calming event for the mind, soul and body and what better time than during a catastrophic hurricane. Proper meditation can lower your blood pressure and to relieve stress in your daily life and make life more enjoyable for you and the loved ones around you. Just think by the time this is all over you’ll have the meditating routine down to a science and you’ll become a happier you. Please consider all this in 2006.

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