How to sabotage yourself

Kristen Dyrr has written an excellent tutorial on how to become a better self-loather. Here’s a selection of some of the tips:

Always talk about your “horrible day at work” whenever you get the chance.When watching a movie or TV show with others, feel free to ask them plenty of questions about what’s happening. This may even be a great time to talk about your “horrible day at work.”

You’re not the only one with flaws, so make sure to always point out everyone else’s flaws as well.

If you ever do a favor for someone, make sure they understand how little effort you put into it.

The full list, in all it’s cringe making glory, can be found at Tutorial: How to Sabotage Yourself – Associated Content

The scariest part is that it’s intended to be tongue in cheek, but I know people like this!

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