How is EFT like tickling?

Most of the time when I use EFT with clients they are tapping on themselves as we work on their issues. However some subjects can be very upsetting and clients can tune into intense emotions and not be able to tap for themselves. At such times I ask if I can tap on the release points for them. These clients often comment that being tapped on clears the issue more quickly than when they are tapping on themselves.

I suspect one of the reasons is that EFT is like tickling. You can’t tickle yourself because you know where the touch is going to come from and it’s no surprise. You need someone else to get that effect. When someone is tapping on you it is going to be at a rhythm and place that you can’t unconsciously predict, just like tickling. So it’s going to be more disruptive to the problem pattern and get quicker results

I wonder if anyone has invented ‘Tickling Therapy’ yet? It would be quite simple: Just hold the problem in mind whilst being tickled. If anyone tries this out please let me know what happens.

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