How to change how you feel

We all have a baseline state, our day to day feeling or mood that influences our thoughts and behaviour. Maybe it’s a not such a good mood, unfortunately because it is so familiar it is sometimes difficult to detect the blend of feelings unless they are very intense. This EFT exercise allows you to try out a variety of negative emotions to see which ones fit and then use EFT to shift the underlying tone of your emotions.

Every day go through each of the items saying out loud each feeling statement:

  • I feel afraid
  • I feel angry
  • I feel empty
  • etc.

Give each feeling a score, between 0 and 10 estimating the feeling’s intensity. When you have reached the end of the list start tapping out each of the feelings you have identified. Tap them down as close to zero as you can get. Repeat until all the negative emotions have been reduced.

Go through this process at least once a day, continuing over the weeks to reduce the levels of background negative emotion.

Note: You may find as you tap on a specific feeling that thoughts or memories come up, make a note of them and return to neutralise them when it’s convenient.

For example:

I feel angry [8]

Even though I feel angry, I’m alright I’m OK. Etc.


I feel … [0 – 10]

  • afraid [ ]
  • deprived [ ]
  • tired [ ]
  • angry [ ]
  • disappointed [ ]
  • grief [ ]
  • annoyed [ ]
  • empty [ ]
  • helpless [ ]
  • ashamed [ ]
  • envy [ ]
  • hurt [ ]
  • bitter [ ]
  • frightened [ ]
  • irritated [ ]
  • confused [ ]
  • frustrated [ ]
  • jealous [ ]
  • lonely [ ]
  • overwhelmed[ ]
  • resentment [ ]
  • sad [ ]
  • guilty [ ]
  • vulnerable [ ]

You can get a printable copy of this exercise from here

2 thoughts on “How to change how you feel”

  1. actually this is a very good technique, i really appreciate for this article u have published, the much better way i think to take on the present moment is to do simple deep breathing exercise, which actually relieves the stress, and restores the emotional balance in the human being…

  2. I’m glad you found it useful. I agree that it is not the only way to change the way you feel at any one time. As you say there are breathing techniques that are very helpful also.

    I look on all these techniques as different ways of developing wellbeing in oneself. They may not be appropriate for all people in all cases. In my opinion the more ways you have of relieving negative emotions the better.


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