Great North Run

A therapist on the runThe photographic roof is finally in. I really did run in this year’s Great North Run. This is the only photo in the set that doesn’t show me running with my head down.

It must have been the moment that two of the Red Arrows flew just overhead and gave a lot of us a hell of a fright!

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who sponsored me in the run on behalf of St Oswald’s Hospice. If you would like to make a donation based on the anguish etched in my face (cue gypsy violinist) you can do that here.

Just to prove that insanity plows a deep furrow in our family I’ve signed up to do next year’s Edinburgh Marathon on May 31st the week after my 50th birthday. (I can’t wait to see those photos).

3 thoughts on “Great North Run”

  1. Hi Andy
    I hardly recognised you, you seem to have lost quite a bit of weight (even since last years run photo)…..
    I understand the Edinburgh run is a full marathon, unlike the GNR? Hoo !

  2. Sadly the ‘weight loss’ is the an illusion brought on by clever choices of running gear and an flattering camera angle.

    The Edinburgh Marathon is a full 26 (gulp) miles, in next year picture I’ll be the one on his knees 🙂 On the other hand if I put in the work it’ll be great … now where are my running shoes?

  3. Hi Andy, i first did the GNR in 1982 as a fresh faced (fairly fit 16 year old) and had a fantastic time. I did it a further 4 times before weight and lack of commintment took over hehehe. Doing a full marathon i totally respect you for as the thought of doing the GNR and then turning round and running back would have terrified me :-). Keep up the good work


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