Getting Out Of Your Own Way – Nov 19th – Newcastle

Are you stuck?

Do you have projects, goals or outcomes that are taking you forever to get started or completed?

Do you get in your own way by procrastinating, avoiding what you need to do or fighting with yourself to do it?

Welcome to the ‘resistance’ – the unconscious blocks, fears and limiting beliefs that keep us from getting where we want to go.

There are two ways to deal with the resistance.

1. Tough it out

This is the traditional approach. Force yourself to do the work that needs to be done. Struggle through each task to get to your goal. You can do it this way (a lot of people do achieve great things this way) but it is a lot of effort and struggle.

Not only do you have to do the work required to reach your goal, you also have to do the hard work required to get yourself to do the work required to get you to your goal.

It’s a tiring and stressful way to achieve stuff.

2. Make it easier for yourself

This is a new way of doing things made possible by techniques such as EFT that let you easily change entrenched patterns of thought and feelings. In this approach you identify your blocks and limiting beliefs around a goal, dissolve them, then all you have to do is the work of the project.

This way you spend a little time at the beginning to clear your own resistance to your goal, when that is cleared you can do whatever needs to be done with yourself as an ally instead of an opponent.

If you want to know how to get out of your own way, there is a one day workshop “Getting Out Of Your Own Way” in Newcastle upon Tyne on Saturday 19th November that will show you how to do it.

All you need to do is bring an unrealised goal, outcome or project to this workshop where you will learn

  1. How to make sure that this is the right goal for you.
  2. How to uncover and  unpack the limiting beliefs and blocks that get in the way of achieving that goal
  3. How to dissolve the blocks you have found using specific EFT strategies developed for working with these kinds of issues.
  4. How to create a path to achieving that goal without being overwhelmed or confused

At the end of the day you will have a plan for achieving your goal and much less resistance than you started with. You will also have a technique that you can use with any other project or goal you want to undertake.

This workshop is for you if you get stuck in your own projects, or you work with people who do.

There are only two requirements.

  1. You need a goal or project that is proving difficult to achieve.
  2. Some prior experience of EFT, preferably EFT Level 1 or above

The workshop costs just £49.50 for the first four people to sign up, and £69.50 after that.

There are only 12 spaces available on this workshop so book early.

To find out more click here.

Click on Getting Out Of Your Own Way to book your place online.

Important: This workshop is about the “Law of Action” NOT the “Law of Attraction”. It is not about metaphysical manifestation of outcomes, it is about getting out of your own way so you are able to do the work that you need to do to get what you want.

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