Getting in and out of a state

In NLP a state is word describing the sum total of how we feel, our mood and our physiology.

Some states are very simple and have common every day names such as: angry, loving, dissappointed. Other states can be complex combinations of feelings and moods that may have no name but are very familiar to us.

Many people think that their state is something they are stuck with, in reality they are easy to change and choose. States and state management is a fundamental part of NLP.

In the next NLP Café meeting on May 20th we will explore getting in and out of states. In the first part of this practice group we will use a process to tease apart unresourceful states so that they are easier to change. In second part we will work on creating tailor made states for use on any occasion.

Join Andy Hunt and Nigel Hetherington to get in, and out of, a bit of a state at St Oswald’s Hospice Training Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle on Tuesday May 20th between 7pm & 9pm.

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