Frontiers: Wellbeing

I’ve just discovered a radio program (available over the net) about wellbeing first broadcast in the Frontier’s series on BBC Radio 4. The program investigates the research that’s going on around wellbeing starting with the (almost inevitable) nuns of Wisconsin and ranges from investigations of wellbeing in adults, to teaching ‘wellbeing skills’ to primary school children and older students.

According to the program the high road to wellbeing is:

  • Savour the little things in life, enjoy day to day pleasures.
  • Be aware
    that you’ve had an uplift and enjoy it.
  • Think about your own strengths
    and try to find a way to use them in your daily life.
  • Savour your relationships, family and friends.
In short: look on the bright side and think positive!

(Contributers to the program include Mark Greenberg who appeared in the Destructive Emotions book by Daniel Goleman.)

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