From Impossibility to Possibilities: Language Shifting

More excellent suggestions from Bill O’Hanlon about how to use changes in your language to help you make changes in your life.

Change ‘If ‘ into ‘When’

This is for something that you want to have happen in the future, but you are not sure it will happen.

If I can get out of this depression, I will be able to do more art.

Change to:

When I get out of this depression, I plan to do more art.

If I could get a book published that would be great.

Change to:

When I get a book published, that will be great.

Change ‘can’t’ into ‘not yet’

Use this one for things that seem impossible or too hard.

I can’t get a date.

Change to:

I haven’t gotten a date yet.

I can’t lose weight.

Change to:

I haven’t lost weight yet.

Move problems from internal to external

Use this one when you feel as if the problem is a part of you or you have become identified with the problem and you aren’t changing in the direction you’d like.

I’m depressed.

Change to:

Depression has been visiting me for a while.

I’m a negative person.

Change to:

Negativity speaks to me regularly and mostly I listen to what it says.

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