Free Public Talks In Hexham And Newcastle

Over the next couple of weeks I will be presenting some free public talks, one in Hexham and two in Newcastle upon Tyne.


The talk in Hexham at The Bodyworks Centre will be “5 Ways To Change Your Life With EFT” which is an informal talk explaining how EFT can help you:

  • take the pain out of stressful situations
  • free you from painful memories
  • lessen anxiety about future events
  • improve your relationships
  • change limiting beliefs and other blocks to your progress.

All that in one hour!

The talk will be from 10:30 to 11:30 on Friday 20th July, at the Bodyworks Centre in Hexham.

Call 01434 601 577 to book your place


On Saturday 28th July at the Jesmond Therapy Centre I will be presenting two out of five talks by different therapists who work at the centre. I’ll be presenting the “5 Ways To Change Your Life With EFT” talk that I presented in Hexham and a mini-workshop entitled “4 Simple Ways To Feel Better” in which I’ll be introducing four straightforward ways in which you can move away from unhelpful thoughts and states of mind into something more useful. You will learn how to become more centred, disconnect from unhelpful thought patterns, shifting your mood by using whatever is in your environment and asking the right kinds of questions to focus on what is useful.

To find out more about the Jesmond Therapy Centre talks and to book on line click here

I hope to see you at one or other of these talks.

If you know someone who might be interested in these topics please let them know. Thank you.

I’ll be looking to do some more talks as the year progresses so if you, your group or organisation have need of a public speaker please let me know.

If you are wondering what my talks are like, here’s a sample

2 thoughts on “Free Public Talks In Hexham And Newcastle”

  1. The second and third talks happen on the same day – Saturday 28th July. The EFT talk is at 10am and the 4 simple ways to feel better is at 1pm.

    Hope that clarifies.


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