Free e-book: How To Clear Your Mind In 60 Seconds

I’ve just completed a new e-book “How To Clear Your Mind In 60 Seconds“.

In it I explain a simple self-help technique that will help you discover and disconnect from the unhelpful thoughts that can go through our minds.

The “60 Second” process is:

  • Simple: It only takes a few minutes to learn.
  • Quick: It takes 60 seconds to apply (when you’ve had some practice it can be even quicker than that).
  • Portable: You carry this around in your head wherever you go. You don’t need any special equipment and no batteries are required.
  • Invisible: This all goes on in the privacy of your own mind. You don’t need to adopt any strange postures, go through any obscure rituals or say anything out loud. No one will know you are doing this except you.

To get your free copy of the e-book all you need to do is subscribe to my monthly newsletter.

I’m moving away from ‘bribing’ you to sign up to my newsletter, so you can download the ebook just by clicking here:

Download “How To Clear Your Mind In 60 Seconds” Practical-Wellbeing-How-To-Clear-Your-Mind-In-60-Seconds.pdf – Downloaded 1283 times – 384 KB

I hope you find it useful

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1 thought on “Free e-book: How To Clear Your Mind In 60 Seconds”

  1. Hi Andy

    Just wanted to say congratulations and also, thank you very much for this wonderful new technique. I have been using the technique for myself and also with my clients and have found the results to be astounding. Thank you again

    Simon Todd (Life Coach)


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