Five ways to reduce stress in daily life using EFT

This is a collection of some of my earlier articles explaining how to use EFT to reduce the stresses and strains of everyday life.

  • TV Therapy – how to use the humble television as a therapeutic aid. By using EFT on whatever emotions arise while watching TV programs you can get extra benefit from what ever you are watching.
  • Composting for beginners – simple approach to getting over the stresses of the day. EFT isn’t just for dealing with major traumas you can use it to defuse everyday niggles.
  • Bus grumbling – using a trip on public transport to uncover an unhelpful pattern of behaviour. One of many everyday opportunities that point out where we could be happier.
  • Fingertip EFT – a simple way to use EFT in public without getting stared at.
  • Driving stress – one way of using Fingertip EFT to relieve the stress of big city driving.

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