Five things likely to make you happier

I stumbled across this article whilst surfing the net (can you stumble when you’re surfing?). It’s a list of five activities that are likely to boost your feelings of happiness. It comes from the Paul’s Tips website an eclectic selection of tips and ideas on a variety of subjects including emotions, health, money and relationships.

He introduces his list of ‘five things’ like this:

Here is my list of things to give you a short-term “hit” of happiness. Of course, these things won’t solve your long-term problems, but they are useful tricks to giving yourself some relief when it all seems too much.

Here’s the short version of the list:

  1. Go out for a walk.
  2. Do something fun that you haven’t done for a long time.
  3. Do something creative.
  4. Complete some minor chore that you’ve been avoiding.
  5. Get in contact with an old friend or acquaintance you haven’t see for a while.

In the article he goes into more detail about how and why these actions are good for you. What I like about these tips is that they are simple, easy and natural. So why not treat yourself to a little extra happiness

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