Fingertip EFT

hand pointsEFT works by tapping on various points on the face, body and hand. You can use this cut down version of EFT to stimulate your meridian system by tapping on the points on the fingers. This is an effective and discrete way to get relief from stressful feelings. With practice this can be done discretely with one hand.

Two Handed Method

  1. Become aware of the feeling you want to relieve. For the tapping to work, your awareness has to be on what it is you want to relieve. With most negative emotions that’s not usually a problem, they are usually very much in your awareness!
  2. Using the index and middle fingers of your dominant hand, tap the outside edge of the nail beds of the thumb, fore, middle, ring and little fingers.
  3. Continue tapping on each of the points in turn, until the negative feeling diminishes in strength. You may need to do several rounds.

Single Handed Method

This takes a little more practice and dexterity, but it’s a more discrete way using this technique in public situations.

  1. With the thumb of your writing hand, tap about six times, the outer edge of the nail beds of your index, middle, ring and little fingers.
  2. Use the index finger of the same hand to tap, six times, the outer edge of the thumb nail bed.
  3. Repeat until negative feelings are reduced.

This is rather unfamiliar process, and most people need a little practice to become comfortable with it.

Perseverance will pay off because you can use it in a variety of everyday situations.

  • Standing in queues
  • Watching TV
  • Taking a walk
  • Before, during and after stressful events.

3 thoughts on “Fingertip EFT”

  1. I’m glad you put this here, Andy. Although I have been known to tap “anywhere” it is nice to have this universally comfortable alternative. Thanks for the excellent description! Olivia

  2. It’s certainly a little more convenient that the full set of points. I also like it because I can tap away while my mind wanders over a problem or situation. Low level therapy!


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