I just finished presenting a two session stress reduction course last night for the Durham Women’s Cancer Support Group. It was an enjoyable experience for me and I think for them. I like to find out what’s helpful and what’s not in my trainings so I handed out some feedback forms. One of the responses that came back eloquently summarised the principal oddity of EFT, which is to say that it’s odd!

I was sceptical to start with that the tapping would really work, but I am pleasantly surprised to discover that it actually does, even though it seems like quite a strange thing to do!

I couldn’t have put it better myself. It’s an interesting experience for me to be presenting this stuff in front of a room of people, who until they get a positive experience of the results of the tapping, probably think I’m barking mad! I’m impressed by those hardy souls who decide to persist and find out what happens when they try it out for themselves. It’s nice not to have to bark on my own!

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