Fear of heights

It’s always nice to get reports from people who’ve attended my training or therapy sessions. One of the attendees of my introductory EFT Level 1 courses sent me the following email

Hi Andy

I was on your Level 1 course, I was the one with the anxiety attacks and height phobia.

At the end of the session we worked on my anxieties and used second floor in Tesco’s as an example.

Well today was the first chance I had to go there, I worked some EFT in the morning then off we went.

I must say I came with an open mind but if am honest was a little sceptical because I`ve had this thing for so long and thought I would have it for life and would be just something I would have to deal with.

I just have one word “WOW”, I couldn`t believe the difference in me when I went up there . My partner couldn`t believe it either.

So much so that when we came down I had to go up again.

Now I’m excited about trying my next test of heights.

So I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say THANK YOU!!!!

Thanks again


It’s always nice to hear about EFT success stories and particularly good to hear about people putting what they’ve learned into practice.

You have to use these techniques to get the benefit.

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