Fame at last?

Imagine my suprise to find myself mentioned in an excellent blog I’ve been following for a couple of months. Richard Petty an English doctor now resident in America blogs on all manner of medical issues and therapies, both conventional and unorthodox.

You can find the article in question at: Richard G. Petty, MD: A Very Useful Demonstration of Thought Field Therapy

Personally, I don’t know where he gets the time, he usually posts 3, or 4, comprehensive and engaging articles a day! I recommend his blog as a great insight into the overlap of conventional and alternative medicine, even if his output does make me feel like a laggard.

2 thoughts on “Fame at last?

  1. Thank you for mentioning this blog, Andy. I have a huge interest in integrative medicine and so really appreciate his articles. It’s a very nicely organized and user-friendly blog. I subscribed to it, as I have to yours; I don’t know how Dr. Petty has time, either—writing, podcasting, and practicing medicine. Anyway, thanks again!

  2. Thank you all so much for your kind comments.

    The solution to the “How does he have time?” question is a simple matter of doing some funky things to the space-time continuum, that have given me a 48 hour day and obviated the need for sleep…..

    Seriously though, I do it because it’s a passion and because we get terrific feedback from all over the world. And it’s the kindness of strangers that sustains me. People like you who take the time to apply digits to keyboard!

    I spent many years serving the Research Council for Complementary Medicine, Prince Charles’ Foundation for Integrated Medicine and the Scientific and Medical Network, in what I loosely referred to as my spare time.

    During those years it became clear to me that we were never going to succeed in building a new, better and stable framework for health and healing unless we had a meeting of minds involving people in the basic sciences, the academic community and practitioners. I now think that we are groping our way toward an understanding of how some of the “information therapies” work. I include TFT, EFT, TAT, Reiki, acupuncture and homeopathy in that group of modalities.

    I see that you are also an NLP practitioner. Have you seen Peter McNab’s book, Towards and Integral Vision?

    + If you shoot me an email with a snail mail address, I’ll send you a copy of my last book. I suspect that you might like it.

    Kind regards,


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