EFT Level 3 Training – Harrogate – July 2012

This training is an advanced EFT training for EFT Level 2 Practitioners who want to develop their skills and the ‘Art Of Delivery’ in their work with clients.

The AAMET approved training will be delivered by Martine Moorby and Andy Hunt two experienced trainers with different and complimentary styles

Martine Moorby: is an experienced EFT Trainer and Practitioner. She helps people bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be by teaching them useful inner and outer strategies. She is also a Reiki Teacher and Practitioner and Spiritual Companion and Educator alongside Dr William Bloom. You can read more about her on www.martinemoorby.com

Andy Hunt: Is an EFT & NLP Trainer and Practitioner working in the North East of England. He specialises in working with people who give themselves a hard time and get in their own way. He is continuously developing new processes blending EFT & NLP and is the author of the book “Getting Out Of Your Own Way: Using EFT to ….”

Having two trainers with different approaches will give a broad training demonstrating a diversity and variety of approaches to using EFT at these higher levels that you would not get from one trainer alone.

This EFT Level 3 Training includes presentations and exercises on:

  • Presence: How to be fully present with your clients, so that you can receive and work with whatever your clients bring to the session.
  • Working with Perspectives: How to change your relationship to challenging clients and how to change their relationships to people in their lives.
  • Questions: How to use questions to unearth the roots of your clients difficulties so you can use your EFT skills more effectively.
  • Intuition: How to develop and make the most of your innate intuitive skills when working with clients. Have I understood what you meant by Intuition? Yes : )
  • Working with Trauma: How to work effectively with client’s experience of trauma.
  • Clearing Limiting Beliefs: How to easily uncover limiting beliefs and use two new EFT techniques to dissolve them.
  • Working with Belief Systems: How to uncover and work with the network of interlinked beliefs that can hold clients in place. So that they can get out of their own way.
  • Parts Work: How to work with a client’s inner parts to resolve old patterns of behaviour and inner conflicts.
  • Dissolving The Inner Critic: How to dissolve or retrain your client’s inner critic so that they are no longer punished by negative self talk or thoughts.

Bonus Material

Each participant will receive a free copy of Andy’s new book “Getting Out Of Your Own Way” a comprehensive guide to working with self-sabotage and procrastination using EFT.

Where, when and how much?

This training will be at St Robert’s Centre, 1-3 Robert Street, Harrogate, HG1 1HP (directions available on request) on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July 2012.

This training costs £230.

If you already have an AAMET EFT Level 3 Certificate you can attend for half price.

Book Now

Book now at www.martinemoorbyeft.co.uk

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