EFT Level 3 – A Conversation With Andy Hunt And Martine Moorby

Martine Moorby and I are running an AAMET EFT Level3 training on July 7th & 8th in Harrogate.

A few weeks ago we recorded a conversation about the training and how we approached advanced EFT.  Listen in to find out how we could help you take your EFT skills to the next level.

Part 1 – We talk about what attendees can look forward to in this training and how we will be co-training.

Part 2 – In the second part of this conversation about the EFT Level 3 Martine and I discuss handling trauma and the inner critic.

Part 3 – In the third part of our conversation about the upcoming EFT Level 3 in Harrogate, Martine and I discuss EFT and parts work and finding and working with limiting beliefs.

Part 4 – The final part of our conversation about the EFT Level 3 training, including the where, when and how much.


I hope you enjoy the conversation and find it useful.

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