EFT In Prison

A good friend of mine works in a women’s prison. She sent me some examples of the kind of thing she’s using EFT for, here are just a couple (The names have been changed):

  • In October she treated Mary for flashbacks & nightmares which occurred two or three times per week. The nightmares were the result of the traumatic memory of her boyfriend nearly killing her. When they started working, Mary rated the level of distress at 7 on the 0 to 10 scale when she thought about that traumatic incident. After two rounds of EFT Mary’s intensity level had dropped to 0, since then there have been no flashbacks or nightmares (it is now December).
  • Patricia, had toothache for three days, just prior to the session she was screaming and shouting at a member of staff apparently because of pain and frustration. She rated her distress as 10 out of 10. After one round of EFT that had dropped to 2 out of 10 she reported numbness in the area that had been hurting, and came a couple of hours later requesting another round EFT.

I think that these are impressive results achieved under difficult conditions.

Postscript: Since I wrote this article a year ago my friend has been using EFT to great effect and has even introduced it to the staff as well as the inmates.

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