EFT for Stress Relief – The Story Of Sally The Dog

This is a short video from the Introduction To EFT workshop I presented at Autumn 2011 ChangeCamp in Newcastle

As part of my introduction we work with an annoyance to demonstrate the power of EFT to reduce unhelpful response.

One of the participants asked me this question: “It’s all very well tapping on an annoyance and feeling relaxed about it here, but what happens when we meet the annoying situation again?”

At least one person at every EFT training I have ever done has asked me this question. I answer the question with a story about Sally our Patterdale Terrier and one of her ‘funny’ little behaviours.

Click on the link for the “A Patterdale Terrier’s Guide To Stress Relief” article I mentioned.

P.S. If I look a bit crumpled in this video it’s because I spent the previous hour and half setting up the venue for the ChangeCamp event.

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