This is a segment of a video produced by Gary Craig the founder of EFT about using EFT for the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is a very powerful demonstration of what is possible using this apparently absurd technique.

The video is both moving and disturbing, featuring a group of veterans of the Vietnam war and the war in Iraq. As well as the experience of the veterans and EFT practitioners there is also commentary from a psychologist and psychiatrist and some research findings done on the participants to give a mental health professionals viewpoint.

3 thoughts on “EFT for PTSD”

  1. Thanks for this posting Andy, it is lovely to see these men making some recovery. In fact, it is uplifting to see and I would think it must be excellent for them and their loved ones to experience the difference. I am commenting because you say that the process seems ‘absurd..’ Well, as a current team member of a cmht (community mental health team)in the nhs, I would like to mention that recently, our team were given a talk from a mental health professional with expertise in EMDR. They were explaining the procedure and how some people (namely those with PTSD/trauma/flashbacks) could benefit. The explaination included mentioning that : “It all looks a bit funny, wiggling your fingers about. But it works. No-one really knows how.”
    The proof of the pudding as they say? Latest trends in the NHS include paying more attention to qualitative research and paying attention to the person presenting with the problem eg ‘expert patient’ process, self reporting/self assessment. I think it helps not to be reductionist about approaches, otherwise we could lose the innovation (which naturally involves an element of risk) which promotes all progress.
    As service users/clients/patients/people using the nhs (we ALL fit into that bracket, at least potentially) we are able to have a voice and ask for a specific treatment or approach. I am sure those men on the video will be letting other people – including professionals – know about EFT.

  2. In my defence I did say ‘apparently absurd’ I think I should have put that in quotes to amplify the … well … in quotes-ness of it. If you are used to talk therapies, lots and lots of talk to make slow progress (which is often the case for PTSD) it is doubly absurd to think that relief can be quick and also comes about from tapping on your face and body with your fingertips … come on, you’ve got to be kidding! 😉

    As you point out it’s not the only weird thing out there with finger-wiggling or EMDR as it’s called. Notice if you called it FW or finger wiggling it wouldn’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of getting official approval.

    I think the proof of the pudding is in the eating although I think quantitative research would be very helpful in promoting it to sceptical managers. I suspect it’s the managers that have to be convinced rather than practitioners, probably because of the high litigation environment we now live in.

    Personally I think it is good to let the inventor’s invent and the testers test, they have a balancing role to play with one another. No invention and there’s no progress and nothing to test and no testing and there’s no way of assessing the value of the invention and we could be harmed by wildly inventive crap.

    Funnily enough I believe it is patients asking for EFT which is causing managers to give it some consideration. So speak up guys and gals!

  3. Andy

    Again this is fucking brilliant ( pardon the profanity ) this is a real demonstration of how EFT can be a bridge to returning to a very comfortable part of the ‘human condition’ and literally sorting out those past emotional traumas.

    In a nut shell ( i know ) EFT works. Period. How this happens can be reserved for the scientists. All I am interested is in the application and demonstration of process.

    I am very interested in how these wonderful people continue to get their life’s back together, following on from these truly awesome results. In short, EFT established process works, now I await the ( documented ) follow up.

    Rock on and make it happen.


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