EFT for Carers

I’ve just finished a 3 session course for carers at the Newcastle Carer’s Centre showing carer’s how to use EFT to reduce the stress of looking after someone else over a long period of time.

There are a huge number of unpaid carers working in this country tending relatives who are disabled, sick or incapacitated in other ways. Some of them have been doing this for years, sometimes sacrificing large parts of their lives to look after someone else.

It can be a huge physical and emotional stress. Anything that reduces the emotional toll on carers is going huge benefit to them and the people the people they care for.

This was the first group that I’ve worked with at the Carer’s Centre. We had 6 carers looking after disabled grown up children, husbands with Alzheimer’s and sick mothers. I was helped by Jane Sivell, one of the staff at the centre who has been on my EFT trainings and saw the potential for relieving carer stress.

In the first session I introduced EFT and showed them how to use the Movie Technique which they practised with each other to neutralise the stressful memories of the last few weeks. I think this technique is hugely valuable and if used consistently can undo a lot of stress by neutralising unpleasant memories. The participants commented on how relaxing they found the whole process.

In the second session we worked with the feelings that caring provokes, such as anger, frustration, anxiety, guilt, etc. After many rounds of EFT and some tears the whole group once again were deeply relaxed.

In the third and final session we worked again on the general stresses provoked by caring, practised the movie technique again, and we ended with some rounds of general tapping followed by a 15 minute relaxation.

During and after each session each participant commented on how relaxed an tranquil they felt, and how unfamiliar that felt. As with most sessions of EFT there was a lot of sighing and yawning as emotional and physical stresses were released.

Some of the feedback comments included:

“I relaxed to the extent that I felt I had nothing to worry about.”


“It put me in touch with my feelings and how to confront them and deal with them.”


This was a test run for using EFT in this purpose. Given the very favourable response we are keen to run another course and start regular tapping sessions for carers.

For more information about EFT for Carers Courses email me.

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