EFT Café – September 11th – How To Achieve Your Not-So SMART Goals With EFT

Not So Smart Goals
Image courtesy of Arya Ziai

Many people are familiar with the idea of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed (SMART) goals: pass the exam in July, paint the house next week, run the marathon in less than three hours, lose 15lb in two months, and so on.

Some goals don’t easily fit into the SMART framework: practice meditation, take up regular exercise, finish what you start, learn the piano, be more assertive and so on.

These kinds of goals may involve processes, habits or states of mind that run and develop over time.

The first EFT Café of the new season kicks off with a process I’ve been working on to help you achieve the not-so-SMART goal you want to achieve, but don’t.

If you think you should meditate but haven’t, or take exercise and don’t, finish what you start and don’t, and so on, this could be just for you.

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