EFT Café: Healing A Case Of Mistaken Identity

Vitruvian ManIn May’s EFT Café I am presenting a new EFT process for compassionately releasing ourselves from unhelpful beliefs about our identity. If you’ve done any EFT or NLP you will know that beliefs powerfully influence our behaviour and experience.

The most powerful of these beliefs are our identity beliefs – what we belief about ourselves. Completing the sentence ‘I am … ‘ will let you know what some of your identity beliefs are.

Some of them are useful: I am confident, I am capable, I am a good person, …

Some of them are not so helpful: I am lazy, I am incompetent, I am not good enough, I am scared, …

Many of these beliefs were learned in our early life experience and now guide our behaviour and perceptions. Addressing these beliefs with EFT alone usually needs a lot of detective work and tapping.

This new technique based on EFT, NLP and compassion work – quickly and easily takes you to the heart of the belief and lets you release it comfortably and easily so that you can at last put down this old identity.

The EFT Cafe is on May 12th at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre, Regent Ave, Gosforth, Newcastle. From 7pm to 9pm. The cost is just £10. You will need some experience of EFT to get the best out of this event.

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