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On May 10th the EFT Café is holding a daytime workshop at St Oswald’s Hospice split into two parts.

Part 1: Dealing with difficult people

We all have difficult people in our lives. Family, friends, colleagues, clients or customers some people have the knack of pushing our buttons. Fortunately we can use EFT to disconnect those buttons so that we can interact with these people more easily.

From 10am to 12pm we will practice using the Dealing With Difficult People process. This session is open to anyone with some experience of EFT including Beginner’s EFT workshops, EFT for Mental Health Professionals workshops and EFT Level 1 Trainings and above.

Part 2: Tapping swaps

The afternoon session is between 1pm and 4pm. Having completed a Level 2 EFT training many people feel a little bit apprehensive about using these techniques with clients. This workshop is designed to give you an opportunity for people to practice their EFT skills in a supervised sessions and work on an issue that is important to them.

Working with a partner you take turns to work on an issue as a client for an hour then reverse roles to become the therapist to work with their ‘client’ for an hour. There will be a break midway through the afternoon and an opportunity to ask questions.

It’s a great opportunity to clear out some junk and practice your skills. This part of the day is only open to holders of an EFT Level 2 Certificate and those who have attending the EFT for Mental Health Professionals workshop.

Separately each workshop costs £15, attending both costs just £25.

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