EFT Café – December 10th – Christmas Rehearsals


Image courtesy of Alex Brown
Image courtesy of Alex Brown

How do you think your Christmas is going to turn out?

Are you looking forward to happy get togethers or are you running through all the ways in which it’s could be stressful.

We are blessed and cursed with imagination.

How we use our imagination has a profound effect on how we act and respond in the situations we are imagining.

December’s EFT Café  is a presentation of a new mental rehearsal process based on EFT and NLP that will give you a way to mentally and emotionally prepare to get the best out of Christmas.

If there are bits of Christmas you’d like to do better and feel happier about then this new process is for you.


There are probably other areas in your life where you would like to do better and feel better doing it. This process will help you do that.

The EFT Café is on Wednesday 10th December at St Oswald’s Teaching Centre, Gosforth from 7pm – 9pm and costs £10.

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