EFT Café – 9th Feb – Getting Permission To Be Who You Want To Be

Many years ago, famous psychologist, C G Jung proposed that we were forced by upbringing, or experience, to conceal important aspects of ourselves to get along with those around us.

Those aspects and capacities were hidden away in what he called The Shadow, the part of the psyche where all the disowned parts of ourselves are put away.

It’s not just the negative aspects of ourselves we need to conceal, many of our positive possibilities were pushed into the shadow to get along with our care givers and friends.

As children we enter the world as little bundles of energy, noise and enthusiasm. As part of our socialisation process we learn that there are some things we can and can’t feel.

For example, most children are often exuberant, excited and determined to speak, this can be troublesome to their parents in certain situations.

In an effort to make their children more acceptable to themselves and other people they restrict or even punish displays of enthusiasm and outspokenness. For the child feeling exited becomes a forbidden feeling, it’s just not allowed and has to be suppressed.

Unfortunately for us many of the things we learn in childhood follows us into later life limiting our range of movement. Our old permissions are one of these limitations.

As an adult perhaps would like to feel more excited, enthusiastic and alive but for some reason it seems difficult – almost as if it wasn’t allowed.

There may be many things your are ‘not allowed’ to do

  • I’m not allowed to be enthusiastic
  • I’m not allowed to say what I think
  • I’m not allowed to be happy
  • I’m not allowed …

In February’s EFT Café we will identify areas in permission has been denied to us and use a simple and quick tapping routine to release those old bonds and give us permission to think and feel as we wish.

The EFT Café is on Wednesday February 9th between 7pm and 9pm at St Oswald’s Hospice, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne and costs just £10.

Drop me a line to andy [at] practicalwellbeing [dot] co [dot] uk for more information.

Note: You will need some experience of EFT to attend this event.

Picture courtesy of Richard Cocks

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