EFT Cafe – 2014 – Wellbeing and Resilience

For the first time this year’s EFT Cafés will be organised around the theme of Wellbeing and Resilience.

The individual EFT Cafés will be my adaptations of some of the techniques and ideas developed by Rick Hanson, a neuropsychologist who bases his techniques on neuroscience, positive psychology and the contemplative traditions. He is the author of “Buddha’s Brain“, “Hardwiring Happiness” and “Just One Thing“.

I’m using the book “Just One Thing” as the starting point for this year’s tapping themes, adapting some of the processes to incorporate EFT.

This year’s EFT Cafés will be divided into the following five sections, with two Cafes devoted to each section.

  1. Be Good To Yourself – January & February
  2. Enjoy Life – March & April
  3. Build Strengths – May & June
  4. Engage The World – July & September
  5. Be At Peace – October & November

Followed by a ‘Christmas Special’ in December.

Each EFT Café is on the 2nd Wednesday of the month (except for a summer break in August) at 7pm and is open to anyone with experience of EFT.

The January 2014 EFT Café will be about “How To Be For Yourself“, in February it will be about “How To Forgive Yourself”.

These adaptations and interpretations of Rick Hanson’s work are my own additions to his excellent ideas and I take responsibility for any EFT additions I have made.

Finally, I highly recommend Rick Hanson’s books and his free Just One Thing weekly emails which you can sign up for on his website www.rickhanson.net.

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