Do you have more negative emotions than you need?

Do you ever get a bad feeling you can’t shake off? Maybe you felt angry, or sad, resentful or annoyed. No matter what you do, the feeling just hangs around spoiling your day.

Do you ever have an unhelpful knee-jerk reactions to your colleagues or loved ones? Perhaps they say something in a particular tone of voice that leaves you fuming. Maybe they give you a look that sends you right back to some unhappy time. Something happens in your world and you feel bad – even if that makes no sense at all.

Do you have any troublesome memories? We have all had unpleasant experiences. Life isn’t perfect for anyone. When we look back on good times we feel good – that’s not a problem. When we look back on bad times, we can feel bad all over again … and again … and again.

Even if we consciously make an effort to avoid remembering these incidents, we can find ourselves being reminded of them in all sorts or ways. We might see something, somebody might say something or mention somebody’s name and we are thrown right back into the bad memory. Very bad memories are Traumas with a capital T, but even small scale traumas cause us distress when we remember them.

Are you burdened with stress?
Stress is a huge problem in modern life. Interactions with difficult people, customers, bosses, colleagues can cause us stress.

It can be hard work being a human being, we have a gift for dwelling on the negative and feeling bad about it.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

What would it be like if you had a simple technique, literally at your fingertips, to dissolve negative feelings? So, instead of being trapped in suffering you could let those unhelpful feelings go and just get on with the things that are important to you.

What if you could defuse the automatic responses you have to what people do and say? Rather than just react to what happens, dragged along like a puppet on a string, you could respond with more freedom. What would it be like to not be affected by stuff?

What would it be like to be able to remember those old bad memories without feeling bad about them? What if a memory became just a memory. Something to learn from and then move on.

What if you could become more stress resistant? How would it be if you were able to respond more resourcefully to situations rather than be beaten into the ground.

Sound too good to be true?

There is a way to get all these results. It isn’t rocket science and you don’t need to spend 30 years on the psycho-analyst’s couch.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a simple, easy to learn and easy to use process for helping yourself and others be free of negative emotional responses.

It is an effective technique to use to:

  • dissolve unwelcome emotions and feelings
  • disable old knee-jerk reactions
  • take the sting out of unpleasant memories
  • reduce your levels of stress.

You can use this technique as a personal self-help tool, or add it to your repertoire if you are a professional people helper. It works quickly and simply, often when other things haven’t.

Unlike counselling or other types of therapy, it goes on in the privacy of your own mind. You don’t need to tell your story, share your failures, or confess to being inadequate. You only need to be able to feel the things you don’t want to feel to get rid of them.

On March 19th, Andy Hunt is running an EFT Level 1 Training at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle where you can learn how to use this process for yourself in just one day.

You don’t need any prior experience.

Here are what some trainees said when they were asked what they found helpful about my EFT Level 1 Training.

Working in pairs – tapping together. It was really useful that the group had a varying background and different motivations for attending
– Lesley Wingfield

Excellent day. Very interactive with lots of practice. Will highly recommend this to colleagues.
– Christine Brock

Really enjoyed practising technique with people haven’t met before. Didn’t really know very much about EFT – very impressed with simplicity and results
– Caroline Cogdon.

The simplicity of it. How Andy explains it in such a down to earth, practical yet humorous way. I got to release loads, so easily and quickly, thanks.
– Paula McCormack

To find out more about what EFT can do for your emotional well being, or to book a place on the course, click here

P.S. If you want to use EFT as part of your therapy coaching practice you need an EFT Level 1 as a precursor to the EFT Level 2 / AAMET EFT Practitioner certificate.

This course is approved by the AAMET, Andy Hunt is a registered AAMET trainerAAMET

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