ChangeCamp is back!

feedback0005Yes folks, there is going to be another ChangeCamp this year. Following the great success of the first ever ChangeCamp we are going to show the Autumn collection of presentations and workshops on Saturday 24th October 2009 at Gosforth High Schoool in Newcastle

If you were at the first ChangeCamp you will know the score: pay £10, sign up for the presentations that interest you, turn up with some food to share and have lots of fun while learning lots of useful stuff.

The presentations list will grow as we get closer to the day, One of the things I’d like to find out is just how muchfeedback0001 excellent learning and enjoyment can be packed into one day.

If you want to attend, great! Tell you friends all about it.

If you want to help, great! It’s a great way to take part. Let me know if you can.

If you want to present, great! It’s a great way to meet new people and share what you know. Let me know.

Look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones on October 24th.

To sign up visit:

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