ChangeCamp: EFT for Cancer Care

cancer-heartEFT can be used to greatly relieve the emotional aspects of cancer from diagnosis through treatment and living beyond cancer. At ChangeCamp 2009 on June 27th I’ll be giving an hour long presentation where I will describe how EFT can be used to:

  • Recover from difficult appointments and medical procedures so that you don’t lie awake at night reliving unpleasant news or experiences.
  • Prepare for upcoming appointments so that you can be calm, collected and resourceful rather than a bag of nerves.
  • Neutralising unhelpful beliefs about cancer and it’s treatment. Such as the often held belief that ‘cancer is a death sentence’
  • Resolve problems about different aspects of medical treatments such as needle phobias, scanner claustrophobia and anxieties about difficult medical procedures.
  • Benefit the carers and partners of cancer patients, helping manage their stress and anxiety and giving them some simple ways to help the patient through their cancer experience.

This session is appropriate for cancer sufferers, carers and for medical staff and other professionals who would like to ease the emotional burden of cancer.

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