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Resistance To Change
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You are probably familiar with the idea of limiting beliefs: those thoughts and ideas that keep you stuck and stop you from getting where you want to go.

Limiting beliefs can sabotage our work, relationships, health, business and just about all aspects of life.

Unfortunately, we manage to learn ideas and beliefs that don’t work for us with surprising ease, but it’s not so easy to let them go.

Even worse, most of them are out of conscious awareness so we don’t know that they are operating, which makes them quite tricky to find.

If limiting beliefs are a problem for you (or your clients), we think we can help.

My colleague Masha Bennett and I are running our first training as the Practical Tappers to help EFTers identify and dissolve limiting beliefs.

As purveyors of modest promises and practical techniques we have designed the How To Change Your Mind With EFT training to give you effective skills to help you find and dissolve limiting beliefs.

The course is designed for people who use EFT for self-help or self-development and practitioners who use EFT in a counselling, coaching or therapeutic setting.

The Change Your Mind With EFT training is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Pre-training webinar: To maximise the time you can spend practising the skills on the live training we are going to cover the theoretical part of the training in an online webinar before the live event. This will give you the background understanding you need before the live training so we can maximise the amount of time for supervised practice of the skills.
  2. Live workshop: This will be where you learn how to use the skills for yourself through supervised practice, demonstrations, more practice and even more practice.
  3. Follow up webinar: Because learning doesn’t stop when the training is over we’ll have an on-line follow up where we can discuss your real-world experience of using these techniques and give hints and tips about using them.

It’s a very full training for anyone who would like to have fewer limiting beliefs in their lives. All you need is a desire to learn and use new techniques and some EFT experience.

If you are an EFT Practitioner this workshop fulfils 8 hours of CPD requirements.

You can find out more on the training website

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