7 Reasons To Start Small With EFT

Not every difficulty is a trauma or a drama. Though from the articles, videos and adverts describing EFT, NLP and other techniques you would think that was all these approaches were for.

But I think it’s possible to make real progress to feeling happier and less stressed by starting small and working on the everyday difficulties of life. The kind of issues that would never make it into a testimonial or a You Tube video.

In my late 20s I decided to take up running as a way to keep fit.

At school I was a miserable athlete: a combination of asthma and a profound lack of interest in sport. My experience of running on the school track was that me and the fat boy (there was only one fat boy per class back in those days) would be way behind the rest of the class as we wheezed our way around the track.

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How To Use EFT To Resolve Distress About Things That Haven’t Happened Yet

FutureIn How To Use EFT To Solve Everyday Problems and How To Use EFT To Soften Unpleasant Memories  I described a simple way of splitting present problems and troublesome memories into bite sized pieces so that they could be resolved using simple EFT.

In this article I will describe a way of using this approach to take care of future events that may cause us distress in the present.

If we were just animals the future wouldn’t be such a problem for us, we would live in the present moment, coping as best we could with whatever came our way. But we are gifted with imagination and anticipation so we can create in our minds a future that hasn’t happened yet.

This is a great skill and allows us to invent, create, plan and imagine all sorts of improvements in our lives. Unfortunately the same skills allow us to invent, create, plan and imagine all sorts of terrible scenarios.

In some circumstances it is good to be able to imagine future difficulties to plan our approach and decide how best to handle it. If that was all we did then it would be a very useful skill, but many of us go much further than that by constructing the worst possible scenario in our minds, vividly living them out in our own virtual reality simulator (our mind) and feeling the bad feelings that go with that simulation.

Not content with feeling bad in advance we can endlessly repeat these poisonous fantasies and experience those bad feelings again and again. (This often happens at 3 am when we would be better off sleeping).

Having practised this negative mental rehearsal so many times it’s not difficult to see why the real experience when it arrives can be such a challenge to us, all our practice has primed us for a difficult time.

What if we could remove the excess negative emotions from our imaginations so that we can enter a situation at our best and not be burdened with the poisonous mental rehearsal that goes before it?

That’s what this process is all about. So if you have an interview, public speaking event, medical appointment or procedure, or any other situation that is keeping you awake at nights then this process may help you to be a little more at peace with it so that you can be at your best with whatever happens.

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I have to get it right!

A few days ago I worked with a client who was tackling strong parental expectations of her that she “should get it right” at all times. Amongst other things this early conditioning had resulted in her paying much closer attention to all the times when she had got it wrong, discounting her successes.  We did a lot of tapping around the theme “I have to get it right” to release these unhelpful ideas. Later that evening I returned to the theme of that session and rolled the idea of having to get it right around in my mind.  I realised that this was true for me, when I spoke the phrase “I have to get it right” out loud I realised it had some intensity for me.

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Tapping on the symptoms of a cold

Last weekend I’ve been enjoying the delights of a cold, although I must confess I haven’t enjoyed them that much. I made a few desultory attempts to relieve some of the symptoms with EFT but I didn’t get very far. The thumping headache I had on Saturday kept thumping whatever I did, eventually I sought comfort in some asprin and paracetamol. I wasn’t much better on Sunday, but hoped that by Monday the worst would be over and I’d be heading back to feeling fine. No such luck. I felt better but still had the overall feeling of being washed out that I usually associate with illness.

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