How your past can be running your present (and what to do about it)

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EFT/Tapping is a wonderful self-help tool. You can use it to soothe difficult emotions and ease painful memories.

It’s so good, you imagine that if you just tapped on the symptoms of your problem, relief would be quick to follow.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work that way.

A quick search on the internet will find a multitude of tapping scripts or tap-along videos for your problem. However, while tapping along can soothe the distress at the time, those old feelings can come back later.

It’s as if tapping on the symptoms is like hacking away at the leaves of a tree. If the trunk of the tree is untouched the leaves can grow back with ease. If we don’t work on the trunk and the roots then we could make slow progress.

Let’s imagine someone called Annie.

Annie is now in her thirties and has had the uneasy feeling that she is not wanted for as long as she can remember.

Although she is in a long-term relationship with a loving partner, she often imagines that she is about to lose him to someone who is ‘better’ than she is. In spite of his obvious love for her, she finds it hard to accept that he does love her and that it will last.

She strives to conceal her reservations and be pleasing to him. She puts him first to ensure she keeps his affections.

But, even when things are going well, she feels a deep-seated unease about her relationship and how long it will last.

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What is the difference between Matrix Reimprinting and Identity Healing?

Identity HealingPeople ask me: “What is the difference was between Matrix Reimprinting and Identity Healing (because they seem to be identical)?”

At first glance the two approaches seem to be quite similar. Tapping in our imagination with our younger selves to ease the emotional problems of the adult.

But, beneath the apparent similarities there are significant differences in the techniques, the underlying model and their applications.

I took an introductory Matrix Reimprinting training in 2014 and have since used the process to help people heal painful memories. However, I would not call myself an expert in Matrix Reimprinting, so I apologise in advance for any errors in my explanation and description of Matrix Reimprinting.

If I get it wrong I’m sure more experienced practitioners will step in to correct my misunderstandings.

Update: The purpose of this post is to present a thumbnail sketch of Matrix Reimprinting and Identity Healing to clarify some of the differences as I see them. It is not intended to be a thorough description of either the mechanisms or the applications of both, nor a criticism of Matrix Reimprinting or the many ways it can be used.

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