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Practice makes perfect. If you are interested in a subject or want to develop your skills the best way to do that is to join with like minded people and practice. Typically after an EFT, NLP or Hypnotherapy training you are set loose and left to your own devices.

Since these techniques are not yet well known it can be difficult to find people who know what you are on about. Practice groups give you a chance to get together and develop your skills, get new perspectives and connect with kindred spirits.

There are three practice groups in Newcastle where you can develop your skills.

EFT Café: The EFT Café is an EFT practice group in Newcastle in the North East of England. It’s open to anyone who has attended a Beginner’s EFT course or an EFT Level 1 course or above. We practice together, developing our skills for the common good. Meets on the second Tuesday of the month to work on different aspects of EFT between 7-9pm.

NLP Café: The NLP Café is facilitated by Andy Hunt and Nigel Hetherington who are co-founders of Integrity NLP. Our purpose is to provide the context and experience for you to radically increase your NLP abilities, so you become more confident and competent in your developing skills.

To attend the sessions you will need some experience of NLP. The NLP Café meets on the third Tuesday of the month between 7-9pm.

Trance Café: The Trance Café is Newcastle upon Tyne’s monthly meeting place for Hypnotherapists and those curious about Hypnotherapy. We meet on the first Wednesday of the month 7-9pm. The Trance Café functions as both a Hypnotherapy Practice Group and a Hypnotherapy Supervision Group. The Trance Café is sponsored by Communicating Excellence.

Drop me a line if you would like to attend any of these groups. You do need to have some experience of these skills to attend but the events are pitched at a level that everyone can join in and benefit. They each cost just £10 for 2 hours of quality, structured practice.

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